Graphic Recording at a 3 day workshop in Melbourne with Accenture & their client BHP.

Graphic Recording for the RDNS, Lendlease and Mindshare World workshops.

Graphic Recording at the Mindshare World and RDNS workshops

Two days in Adelaide creating a mural on the Multigate stand at the Acorn Expo. 1500 Scrub Nurses from around the globe added their thoughts and ideas to the mural.

Graphic Recording at the Maritime Museum, working with Bendelta and their client NSW Education.

A day at The Gold Coast, graphic recording with 250 employees participating at the Legardére conference and workshop.

A day of graphic at the WT Partnership management workshop and a refined graphic for all staff.

Branding, Design and Graphic Recording for Sydney's Innovation Nation workshops. Participants included innovators from Australia's top ten companies.

A simple, re-usable facilitator solution for any workshop.

A day of graphic at the Crazy Might Work business innovators workshop.

A day of graphic recording at the South East Water workshop in Melbourne.

Three days of graphic recording for the NGEN ‘What’s your Story Workshop’. 140 Gen Y participants, facilitated by The Brand Guy. Richard Sauerman

Two days of drawing to create a mural for the MFA New Brand Launch and a refined graphic for all staff. Brand blueprint by Richard Sauerman